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Dignity Project as a Solution

The Dignity Project seeks to address these problems by streamlining a process that enables and empowers a victim to feel dignified and educated in the decisions that they are asked to make moving forward. To do this we continue to look into mechanisms that assist in eliminating the need for a victim to worry about having toiletries, reduce the confusion and stress of needing to sort through large amounts of information to figure out where to go next, and minimize the worry about feeling emotions arise at later points that may trigger memories from that night. Our approach is innovative and clear. We have developed a kit that contains toiletries including: Single use shampoo and body wash drops, conditioner, toothpaste, a toothbrush, hair brush, a few tampons, hair scrunchies, pair of socks, bags of tea, hand written notes, a journal curated for survivors of sexual violence, and bound local resource booklets. Our kits are to be taken to and delivered to patients prior to departing from the medical center where they received cared.


Our mission is fulfilled by a two step guidance process, (1) what now and (2) what next.


The project intends to epitomize a survivor centered approach to the beginning of the criminal justice system. We hope to show survivors that the monetary investment put into rape crimes and that a survivors basic needs are considered and valued.

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